Friday, May 16, 2008

Making Bags and recycling jeans

Todays decluttered item - listed a bunch of small baby clothes and some curtains on Freecycle.

That said I think I've ordered more stuff this week than I've got rid of though some of that was strawberry plants so they will go straight up to the allotment. The rest was cooking stuff, which I will post about on my cooking blog later and my first order to the new Clothkits.

Anyway on to bags, I have several pairs of Jeans waiting to be made into bags like this or this. I picked them over time from charity shops as I don't wear jeans having never found them comfortable. I am however tempted to send a pair to be made into sandals instead. This great sounding company Recycleyourjeans does just that for the princely sum of £45, a price I think very reasonable for what are effectively custom made sandals. I could just go with them using one of the pairs they get from stock clearance as none of the ones I have are that special fabric wise, I picked them more for interesting pockets. I really wish hadn't cut up the purplely ones I had now.

They also do ready made sandals in other fabrics including hemp as well as more normal things like leather and best of all they are made here in the UK not thousands of miles away and they will custom fit where needed!

However onto making bags from scratch something my friend Julie is keen to have a go at. She recently got a couple of lovely books on the subject that she let me have a peek at and the more complicated of the two I am really tempted to get a copy of. However as she has found out getting the hardware for many bags is not easy so this bunch of ten patterns on the Better Homes and Gardens website seems worth looking at as they mostly seem to use standard sewing items. Of course that means most are fairly basic totes and similar but they have a nice variety. I particularly like the Designer Style bag shown here. The quilted one after it is very summery in look too.

There are lots of other interesting articles elsewhere on the site ranging from fun cupcakes to room makeovers though I don't think many houses in the UK would have room to have a permanently set up area just to wrap presents as in this picture, though using a kitchen unit on wheels with the slide out drawer/shelves that are becoming more common to store things like sewing machines seems a much more workable idea both from this article.


Julie said...

I think the house in those pictures must be an awful lot bigger than mine!

Nice link for sewn bags and I may have to revisit it at some point in the near future. For the moment, with no suitable hardware available, I'm going to have a go at making a simple messenger bag which I may embellish... If I ever get time of course :)

Esther said...

Well yes but most american houses are bigger than ours, well possibly not mine but certainly yours and if those on TV are anything to go by even mine is small.

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