Sunday, July 01, 2007


I have done well on my refashioning the stuff from the charity shop, in fact apart from trying the red jumper again at a hotter temp to see if it felts I have done everything now. I will do a second post for the jacket.

Made the jeans into a bag for my sister's birthday which was well recieved. I made a small purse to go with it too. The strap was rather an after thougth and next time I think I will recycle an old belt or if I have fabric the rest of the jeans. As it was I added a padded bit to stop the cord digging into the shoulder.

This bag I put a bottom in and then did a re-enforcing panel. ie a thick piece of card covered in fabric that sits in the bottom to keep the shape. It is tacked in and she has instructions to remove it before washing the bag. the small purse can be seen on the top of the dummy. It loops onto the red and white tap you can see at the back of the bag keeping it from getting lost in the bottom.
Everyone seemed to really like when we met at my Aunties so i am tempted to make some more and see if they sell. They arn't hard and they are quite fun.


Julie said...

Nice conversion job. :)

Did you put a zip or some other method of closure in, or is it left open at the top like a beach tote?

Since you mention selling... In case you haven't found it, check out as an alternative to ebay for craft and hand made items.

Esther said...

Yes I have found Esty.. pointed my brother's partner to it as she making things for a living too but as she is newly over from South africa needs to find a new way of selling.

Bag was left open, becouse of the fit of the waist it is narrower at the top than lower down and keeps closed quite well on it's own so it's more of a tote than a handbag. It was discribed as a mummy bag at our family get together ... ie big enoguht o carry all the extras you need with a small child.

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