Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Four seasons of masks

Again a long break, I find the more busy I am the less I blog which is a good thing really in most ways at least.

I have been doing lots of things, more spinning, I managed pretty much every day for the Tour Du Fleece. I got a half share in a  rigid heddle loom which we keep up the workshop so both myself and the other owner can use it and I have been doing some leather work as well.

Growing wise the year has been a total flop, a very dry spring followed by the wettest, darkest summer I've ever tried to grow in, the only things that liked it were perennials like the Jerusalem artichokes most other things drowned, refused to grow or got eaten by slugs !

We now have 9 chickens not 5, everyone who tells you it's a slippery slope is right, if we could fit them in we would probably have even more by now. Actually we did have 10 but one died recently due to a hurt leg which then seemed to develop into something worse unfortunately and she just refused to eat or drink even with antibiotics.

Anyway on a better subject the four masks above are made from leather and are meant to represent the four seasons.
Spring  is fresh green leaves
Summer is wild rose
Autumn is oak leaves and acorns
Winter is hawthorn.

I've also been experimenting with combining embroidery panels into leather armour such as this vanbrace.

I even made myself some kit for Outcast to try out some ideas for very basic leather armour for the more well filled out, short woman, which isn't exactly uncommon in Larp.

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