Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moo Cards and stickers

I finally gave in after looking at them many times and ordered some moo cards from moo.com. For those who don't know these are long thin cards about half the size of a business card and usable in the same way as you get to put text on the backs.

However it is the fronts that are interesting as you get to pick what is printed on them either from their extensive design collection or download your own artwork/photographs. You buy them in sets of 100 and if you wish every card can be different.

I chose to download some of my photos and a few images from elsewhere. It was interesting to find images that cropped well for the un-usual format. I also ordered a box of stickers for Small as much as for me and those are square so I did swap out a few images for others that worked better. I ended up with around thirty images so have around three copies of most of them.

The finished product is very nice and I will certainly consider ordering more particularly once I have a few more pics of costumes I've made and so on.

If anyone fancies some I think I have a card with my order for a discount on a first order.

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