Monday, February 26, 2007

I feel such a beginner

No seriously I do and at sewing as well!

Just come across this entry by The Sewing Divas. I have always tried to stress the importance of pressing garments as part of the process of making them but shear amount of equipment they have has me gob smacked. I didn't even know some of it exsisted though i can see the reasons for most. It has reminded me I need a couple of hams though.. The frock coats haven't pressed as well as I would like because I only have a flat board. The tip about pressing bound buttons is one I will try and remember too.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Table and 1/144 scale roombox

This is the table I made at BMW7 it still needs waxing but is otherwsie finished.

The room box is in 1/144 scale so dollshouse scale for dollshouses.

Cold porcelain flowers

Here are the flowers I did on Diane's workshop.

Peonies, arum lilies and a dandelion.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

videos on how to make a polymer clay animal

This is the lady who made the chickens I bought for my courtyard.

Pug dog


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mini weekend

Just got back from BMW (British Miniatures weekend). A weekend on making minis with a bunch of like minded people. I went with Mary, both of us were newbies and as such got pink badges and were described as virgins! For Mary it was the first time she had made anything mini not just her first time at BMW.

Everyone was very friendly. We started on Friday night with food (carvery so no major gluten problems) then we had roundtables, which are short informal workshops. We both make a photo album which was great fun.

Saturday started with cooked breakfast then a whole day workshop. I did a marquetry table and Mary made a baby. Both came out very well though I still have to finish my table. Lunch was sandwiches, potato wedges, coleslaw and sauces, so I could only have the wedges really, still the breakfast was so big it didn't matter and the evening was a carvery again. In the evening were more roundtables but I just bought some kits and did some more work on my table. I showed someone how to needle felt and then had a fairly early night as I was knackered.

Sunday was more of the same food wise and another full day workshop, this time making cold porcelain flowers for both of us. Now I did this because Sue who I made a courtyard with last year says they are wonderful as did most of my fellow students. I thought they looked nice but was happy with my paper ones but I thought give it a go. Unfortunately they are right! Why unfortunately? Well I really need to buy cutters now and powder colours and.. you get the picture! I made some peonies and arum lilys most of which are in a vase plus a dandelion. I bought the dandelion and a foxglove cutter to use for the courtyard scene. She gave us a recipe for the cold porcelain so i will try making some soon.

this is her site

We all got a small present, mine was useful storage box which came in handy bringing my flowers home. We also did three swaps through the weekend and I got a jewelry box, a boxed rose, framed pic and full sized tablemat and coater and finally a dressing table set.

Finally there was a charity raffle for which i only bought one strip being short on money but I won anyway and got to pick a set of molds which is something I've been meaning to try so I was very pleased.

Also spent a fair about of time taking to one of the guys about lasercutting and it's uses. No I'm not planning to get one but it sounds fun. I think the boys might balk at spending the price of a good car on one though!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

needle felting

Just a pic of the first teddy I made plus my new rabbit.
The ones I made in between have gone to new homes.

they are about 2.5" high seated.
just to prove they are jointed

Monday, February 05, 2007

Frock coats

I don't have a proper picture fo the frockcoats as they never got worn but I will try and get one taken in the next few days.

dress pics

My assistant has agreed I post the photos. I would never as got as far as I did without her so a big thanks for that.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

back from the event

Well i spent a lot of time finishing costumes, including at the event itself then in the end it wasn't worn! The In character wedding it was all for didn't go ahead as the bride was ill Out of character. It will probably happen at the next event and roleplay wise it was probably a more interesting thing to happen but it was a bit frustrating. Various people insisted they see the dress anyway so i have pics of the lass who helped me make it wearing it and will post pics assuming she doesn't mind.

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