Monday, May 14, 2007

Jeans to Skirt

Pair of jeans I have liked for ages in a purple based denim but they have never fitted well, jeans never do I am too long in the crotch even being short in almost ever other way.

cut up and refashioned to a skirt which fits much better.

undid inner leg seams and part of crotch over lapped the undone part of the crotch then cut the remaining leg in half and used the lower part to fill the gap. Ended up with a fish tail look which was nice.


Julie said...

Interesting. I've often wondered about adapting jeans into skirts, but been put off by the fact that I like my skirts long and full at the hem.

Looks good though and good reuse of a garment that you'd otherwise not wear. :)

Esther said...

I considered making it full length and filling in the gap with a different fabric. Had I done that I would have split the side seams as well and added a gore there as well.

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