Friday, July 27, 2007

more costume

Made less than i planned but what has been made is not bad.

Firstly a coat and waistcoat to match. It's an 18th Century Banyan in other words and informal coat styled on a kimono. This is for a very rich merchant character. It is shown worn with the lapels open but has buttons up on side and can be worn done up to the neck. The waist coat is a basic waist length one which you can just see at the neck in the same fabric as the body of the coat.

The other item is a shift or under-dress. There is an over dress to go with it but I'll wait and see if there are pics of it on the person it is for because the pics on the dummy look a little weird. This came out very well and I am tempted to do a shorter version for myself in a lighter fabric.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Had some flowers in varses so decided to shoot some photos of them.. I think they came out well... lovely smelling peonys and red and white roses.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Jacket from the charity shop trawl. I liked the fabric but the length, very unfitted style and horrid gold buttons were very Madam Bucket as Tom said.

Cut 7 inches off the bottom, kept the arm holes and above exactly the same as that fitted well. Took in the side seam on a taper from the arm hole to the bottom. ie none at the arm hole about 1.5 inches at the waist. Also put in a bust dart in the front of the jacket on each side. Finally bound the lower edge with black satin bias binding and changed the buttons to more subtle ones.

I might use the 7 inches I cut off the bottom to make a matching bag.. you can never have too many handbags!


I have done well on my refashioning the stuff from the charity shop, in fact apart from trying the red jumper again at a hotter temp to see if it felts I have done everything now. I will do a second post for the jacket.

Made the jeans into a bag for my sister's birthday which was well recieved. I made a small purse to go with it too. The strap was rather an after thougth and next time I think I will recycle an old belt or if I have fabric the rest of the jeans. As it was I added a padded bit to stop the cord digging into the shoulder.

This bag I put a bottom in and then did a re-enforcing panel. ie a thick piece of card covered in fabric that sits in the bottom to keep the shape. It is tacked in and she has instructions to remove it before washing the bag. the small purse can be seen on the top of the dummy. It loops onto the red and white tap you can see at the back of the bag keeping it from getting lost in the bottom.
Everyone seemed to really like when we met at my Aunties so i am tempted to make some more and see if they sell. They arn't hard and they are quite fun.

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