Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fabric Haul

Yesterday the In-laws turned up with about a dozen bags of fabric from a friend of theirs who's wife died a year back. He wanted her stash to go to a good home and they suggested me.. They did ask first.

The bags have a huge range of stuff in them including a fair few clothes though unfortunately pretty much all are too small for me. The clothes vary in design and style a lot but there is some quite nice bits in there. A few i think I will keep and re-fashion such as a black and red cord skirt with roses on. If I undo the panels and insert extra black ones I think it will look really good.

There are some beautifully made suits, the sort elegant old ladies wear but in some cases that actually makes then quite fashionable at the moment. Unless one of my smaller friends likes them most will probably end up in the charity shop. there is one skirt i really want to find a home for.. it's floor length white and black gingham with red smocking at the bottom to make a frill.. very silly, wonderfully so but too small for me :(

Everything is damp as it's been in black plastic binliners in a barn but none seems actually mouldy so the next few days will be spent airing it all. !! The clothes are probably going through the washer first.

The fabric is pretty much all good quality and ranges from several yards of some to scraps of others. There are several really good size pieces of quality wool, some silk, chiffon, satin, lots of cottons of all sorts, lining fabric and some synthetics though they are mostly skirting fabric and a few slinky dress fabrics. The lady who owned it all used to have a fabric shop and had a reputation for good quality and i can see why. Not everything is to my taste and some of it a bit to older lady for most of my friends too but much of it will find homes I think.

I also have a bag full of cones of thread and bulk polyester (the fluffy thread you get on t-shirts). Huge reals of elastic and curtain header by the ton. Even a bag of linen thread which went straight into the leather working box.

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