Sunday, May 27, 2007

Over kill Corset

I now have a set of 18th century stays. I used J.P. Ryan's pattern which works well. Sarah is now working on a set as well as a dress.

The stays are fully boned, every channel you see has a bone in it and all of them are metal of one sort or another. I used two widths of flat metal boning plus one type of spiral boing which mostly went in the sides. This is rather overkill but hey and I intend to convince certain refs it is armour. Considering I'd happly take a blow from a real sword across it I think that is fair.

I have also made a small bumroll and a matching skirt. This is all for my Maelstrom character Oriel. I/she is a Taylor for the nobility of Millen but I am looking to stress that i am aservant and she plans to blend into the background a bit this coming event, hence the monchrome look.

It worked quite well though there are things i could do better like the visible locking off stiches I should have finished the thread ends off by hand. I am making some detachable straps as well as I think I may feel i keep needing to pull them up fractionally. I think for now I will be wearing the outfit with a black jacket i already have and was bought off the high street a while back. Longer term i plan to make a black wool riding coat, probably with plates in the shoulders and possibly part of the skirts..(to add to the armour theme and to up the amount of armour I am wearing) Still need to hem the skirt .

Friday, May 18, 2007

Get out of Jail free

As most who read this will know I signed up for a pledge not to buy new clothes. Nikki has been here all week and we have been making costume for Maelstrom, digatising double headed eagles and so forth.

She has a couple of dresses mostly done and I have three corsets in various stages, 2 for me and one for himself. Plus two sizes of eagles sorted for liveries and the like. They look quite good after many hours of playing. I am gradually learning my way round the software.

We ended up doing some clothes shopping though and as happens talking each other into buying stuff. We both got underwear and belts and I got a new jacket as well. I rarely find jackets that fit well and this one did and had interesting details so I slipped off the wagon as it were. The pledge has made me think more about making things for myself though so i have signed up again for the next 4 months.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Jeans to Skirt

Pair of jeans I have liked for ages in a purple based denim but they have never fitted well, jeans never do I am too long in the crotch even being short in almost ever other way.

cut up and refashioned to a skirt which fits much better.

undid inner leg seams and part of crotch over lapped the undone part of the crotch then cut the remaining leg in half and used the lower part to fill the gap. Ended up with a fish tail look which was nice.

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