Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bits and pieces

Went to Hobby Craft today, mostly to get more needles so the large rip in the marque canvas could be fixed, it got ripped over the Easter weekend when we had high winds and a roleplaying event. Well not me as Treestump was days old but the group I play with did.

Picked up said needles and some felt to try out an idea, also got a new smaller quilting ruler and larger cutting mat which will help with the ATCs, some ink pads for people to do fake brands (roleplaying again) and a book called paper fashions by Klutz. It's really for kids but i think I will use it for card making and the like. It has three really varied stencils to do all sorts of clothing and a couple of manikins, lots of ideas on how to adapt them and some paper, mini clothes hangers and a few beads etc to glam things up, it even has glue so you only need some scissors to get going with it. It's really quite a nice little book, would make a great present, I'd have been over the moon with it as a kid.

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