Monday, May 05, 2008

Quilting Ruler Problem

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I love quilting rulers, and rotary cutters. I did plenty of patchwork before I even heard of them and when I did I thought they were just another fad, something to get more money out of me .. how wrong I was. They make cutting strips accurately SO easy it is silly.

In case anyone is thinking what is she on about. They are transparent rules marked up in two directions for accurate measurements. Two directions you say how is that? Well instead of being long and thin they come in various shapes, such as the one above, and you can measure across them so say you want a strip 10" by 2" you take your ruler and lay it on the fabric so you can see the edge of your fabric under the 2" line then you cut along the edge and you have a 2" strip you can then cut to length.

They may look expensive at first glance but they are well worth it. I have a couple of fairly large ones for fabric use but now I have a problem.

What problem is that?

Well you know those ATCs I've been going on about well the same rulers are really good for measuring them out and the tiny mosic squares I've been cutting but the rulers I have are 12" square and 6" by 24" which is overkill and don't balance well on a laptray! So I now need smaller ones too!

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Jenny said...

I have a TON of these rulers- from 2 1/2 square to 12 1/2 square, and many in between. Love them for paper, fabric, and polymer clay!-Jenny at

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