Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense

Well I did two posts yesterday, had I been sensible I'd have posted about Clothkits today but I was too excited. I even emailed them to say so and got a lovely email back from the lady who runs it. I plan to buy a hat for Small and a doll plus clothing for me at least. There are more items in the pipeline so I will be checking the site regularly.

It might seems strange that someone like me who can pattern draft pretty much any garment I want should be excited about a company that does sewing kits most of which are deliberately easy to make but the thing I always liked about them was the designs printed on the fabric and that hasn't changed plus some times it's nice for someone else to have done the planning for you and the advantage over ready to wear is you can adjust the fit easily so it's the best of both worlds unfortunately I'd be kidding myself to believe I fit a 16 in the hips which is what the skirts go up to but I have small people to dress too.

Item uncluttered today - box of fimo thrown, I probably could have revived it with much work and addition of the softener stuff but frankly it was mostly from the dawn of time and I was never going to do it.

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