Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Charity shop hall and Felting experiment

We went on a charity shop trawl at the weekend and i got some bits.. I got a camera bag which will get revamped as something else, a sweet little cruet set which will go with my Denby. Two short sleeve silk shirts to wear open over T-shirts (I don't do butteoned shirts well due to my bust). A pair of stripy jeans to make a bag out of. A pink and black tweedy jacket which i plan to hack and slash till it works and definetly change the buttons plus two pure wool jumpers.

I washed both jumpers at 60 (and a third one himself was chucking) The patterned one shrunk very well the other two didn't so i plan to try again at a hotter temp. The patterned one shrunk from 41-43 inch chest to just the right size for small one who is nearly 4. I cut it down the front and it is now a boiled wool jacket for him.. result.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Red Coat update

Apparently this should be subtitled Ming the Mercyless!

Dave gave me back the coat as it was not fully finished last time and we agreed the collor needed changing as well. It is now done apart from a couple of buttons becouse he didn't bring them all over and possibly heming up a bit which he is happy to do himself.

The collar now comes round to the front and has five bones in the stand so it is not flopping whatever he does in it. I forgot to take any pictures of it on him but it does look very good, even if I do say so myself.

Outfits from Maelstrom Corination

Here is the outfit I made for Tom and the dresses I helped Nikki and Sarah make.. When I say help it was mostly encorragement and yes you are doing that right than actual hands on help. They both put in a huge amount of work and I am very proud of them. The main bit I did was embroider the stomachers on my machine for them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Maelstrom aftermath

Well it's over and went well i think. more on costuem later. Thought I failed to take pics of half the things i made or helped make. To busy being in character which is a good thing really. It was a huge amount of work but it seems well recieved.

some pics including both Nikki and Sarah's wonderful outfits that I only really advised on here

Tom's outfit I did all of the one with the unreasonablly long title which i probably got wrong.

Forgot to take a proper pic of the throne once it was finished though you can see it in part in the corination pics. Lots of work for something no-one was allowed to sit in but it was cool. For those that don't know the small one phys reps the majesta.. hence there being a Regent but the game rules do not allow him at the main games.. so we had a decliration he was majesta and a crowning of the Regent in his absence. Hence the empty throne.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Kit making marathon

We will start taking kit to site Wensday for the next Maelstrom event which we are hosting. We have tents to dress, an arena to built, a ritual site to dress and much propage for a play, a corination and other things, most of which is currently in the process of being made in our house though various other people are helping out with bits in other places or once we get on site.

We have bunting and flags and stuff in progress. Lots of costume from tabards and sashes for soldiers to a Corination cloak and various people's outfits for the ball in the evening.

As well as group kit and personal outfits from Tom and I there seems to be a new process where by someone comes and stays for a week or so and makes a dress with my help.. they go home and someone else arrives. Half the time they only planned to be here a day or so.. I don't mind and everyone seems to feel I and helpful for them. I find I work better with company so it is all good and we have enough room even with our excessive clutter for more than one person to work at once.

If i get the chance I will do an update ocne more stuff is finsihed off or at least WIP pics at the end of the weekend.

I have had a problem with my left shoulder and arm which i am beginning to think has to do with my tooth. To explain I lose a chunk of a molar and while it wasn't paining me felt it sould be dealt with.. i dislike dentists a LOT so this wasn't easy but I went and they drilled out the remains of the filling and some decay and put a temp filling it while an inlay was made. Que two weeks of very sensitive tooth. Now have the inlay and it has had a couple of days to settle and I realise it's the first time I've chewed using that side of my mouth in two weeks and my shoulder is less painful.. conected? time will tell.

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