Sunday, April 29, 2007

jacket and bag

This is the jacket i made for Stargate plus a bag i made from a pair of Dominic's jeans as i cut up one slightly smaller pair to patch about 4 others that still fit but have no knees left.. he has hit the small boy puts he's knees through stage and has his dad's spiky knees ! The Jacket is a heavy blue silk and lined with a cream linen with blue and grey stripes.

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Julie said...

I like the look of that jacket :)

A quick question about the front panels... Did you do squared off panels or diagonals for the front and did you shape the neck at all?

Just curious. I've used both squared and diagonally cut fronts for oriental style jackets/surcoats, but normally don't specifically shape the neck or arm holes, so I'm interested in your take on this. :)

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