Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stash

It's all IKEA's fault.. they are selling fabric at 49p and not just any fabric but the fabric I bought a while ago to make a Regency day dress.. so I may have a bit more now as in a couple of half bolts of different designs. The original one I bought is the same as the pale blue design but in navy.

I really like the black best except I am not sure what the number is all about and it rather jars with the rest of the design which is why i got the navy orginally..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A pile of random stuff

So what do you make with a pile of stuff like this?

A random assortment of bits of foam, a light green bed valance sheet, an old and tatty baseball cap, a small plastic mixing bowl, paints, PVA glue oh and not in the photograph some small latex cast horns and contact adhesive as well as a sewing kit.. Most of these items were just knocking about in case they came in useful. I bought the bowl and the sheet, the second was on sale and was quicker and easier than dyeing something which as I forgot I'd promised to make this thing till the last moment was important. Yes even the latex horns were knocking about.. the workshop where my friend makes latex prosthetics but they were random spares rather than made specially.

So what is this all for you ask.. Isn't to obvious? NO?

Well what if I tell you it's because we have a birthday treat trip for my nearly six year old, one that has been booked for most of the year?

A treat where we got to sit within feet of these.and roared at by thisWatched this fly over the sea.and this lumber about as well as many others.That's right we went to Walking with Dinosaurs and what self respecting young boy goes to such a birthday treat without a dinosaur costume? Of course I couldn't do any old dinosaur, no generic ones for us thank you. The type has to be discussed and thought about. In the end a pachycephalosaurus was decided on, or as he prefers to call it the headbutting dinosaur.. The image is from the encyclopaedia britannica and the whole article can be found in this link.

So with less than a day to go by the time everything was collected together I started attaching bowls to hats and covering it with foam and fabric. As well as making a top with attached tail!

While there are many things I think I can improve on I don't think it came out to badly given the time constraints. So here is our version of a pachycephalosaurus.

Hope you like it he did.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A recent scrapbook page

I am particularly happy with this one, in fact I really like just the patterned paper with the picture of Noodles on it's own too.. I think the extracting of the picture and leaving some partly merged grasses from the background worked really well with the detailed paper.. Which do you like best?

This one
Or this?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Canel trip

We have been away for nearly a week on Tom's parent's canal boat, the lovely and beautiful Apple Queen. She is 62 foot long I believe and very well kitted out inside for what is not a very big space. In the mosaic below you can see her outside and indeed about half the inside. What you can see is the sitting area, which is set as a double bed in the photo, the dining table and kitchen beyond.. In front of that is the bathroom and another bedroom. The dining table area also converts to a double bed so in all she sleeps 6.

It has been lovely and peaceful pottering along the canal and though we did have limited internet access it was slow and only really used to check for urgent emails. The boys enjoyed themselves very much though of course a 16 month around that much water needs careful watching particularly around locks which are potential death traps if you fall in one especally so when the water is going in or out.. For any that don't know a lock is a short contained area of canal long enough for a boat and wide enough for one or sometimes two boats. It is shut off at each end by a gate and you can then open various paddles to raise or lower the water level allowing canels to go up and down with the geography. There is a max speed of four miles and hour and often you have to go slower than that to avoid damaging the bank with the wash or rocking moored boats so live is very relaxed and slow..

The scenery was fantastic and I am sure you will see some more photos later though we did have to dodge the rain at times and by the time the sun was out I had run out of battery power and kept forgetting to recharge them.

I did get some crochet done in various moments which I will blog about later but for now it is bedtime for the smallest. I'm adding this post to the mosaic monday list over at Little Red house so pop over there for more eyecandy.

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