Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Clerical garb

Lots of posts all at once.. remembered I never posted tis picture of the outfit I made for the last maelstrom. This is the new Cardinal of Mill'en. Being a roleplaying game I specifically went for colours that were relevant to the game world not real life but kept the clerical feel so it is obvious what he is. Must sort him a hat before next season I think. We also talked about an shoulder cloak but I have run out of the wool and as yet not found a nice matching brocade.

Another shot of him can be found here.


A few pictures of the pattern stash I just got. The top picture s two of my favorates.

I filled one box with patterns on edge here.. the rest are still on the table.

In the second picture what isn't clear is that the higher pile at the back are on top of a smaller box a bit bigger than a patten layed flat which is also filled with patterns stacked on edge.

Crochet top

I don't crochet, one of the very few fibre arts I've never learnt though I am weakening. This pattern for a top is certainly breaking down my defences, of course I want to do a pattern ladled experienced I don't want to bother doing the more basic stuff first.

That said I teach peple to sew and we start with what they want to make which is often not something basic so the question is how badly wrong would it go if I tried? Probably should at least get someone to show me the basics first. I did try from a book and got as far as a line of basic stitch but couldn't work out how you moved to the second line which is probably easy but I couldn't get my head round the instructions.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Patterns galore

The inlaws were back today with the last couple of bags of fabric. I haven't gone through them properly yet but there is certainly some nice looking wool and some linen or linen-look in there that looks good.

However the main bit of this delivery was the HUGE box of patterns. It was a large box with the top taped up high and another piece of card over the top and it was full to bursting.

The patterns cover almost everything you can think of . They range in age from the 1960's to probably the 90's I think and cover almost everything you can think of. The normal range of dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, coats, suits from skimpy tops to floor length evening gowns and several full gypsy style skirts. Also underwear, hats, dolls, bags, menswear, boys clothes and babywear including the sweetest buttoned together sleepsuits. If I had to pick one pattern as my favorate it would be one of the early ones for apron, with fitted bibs and patch pockets, very much back in now.

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