Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smells and Bpal

Today's decluttered item - a pair of shoes and a pair of slippers, now to little for Small. Taken to school for their play area which is being made over as a shoe shop. It was a garden centre, they change it every few weeks.

Smells are hugely evocative, of all the senses I think smell can effect you most. Certainly when it comes to bringing back memories smell can be very powerful. Also your sense of smell can change over time, particularly when pregnant. I was fairly lucky not to go off food smells but perfume of any kind has been off the agenda until now.

As it happened a few months before I got pregnant this time I encountered and got hooked on Bpal (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ) who make wonderful perfume oils many of which are so unlikely you think there is no way they are going to smell like they describe them but they do. I have one that smells of dead roses and another that smells of burnt gunpowder and smoke which happens to be one of my favorate smells probably from running re-enactment cannons and pyros for several years..

They come up with such wonderful ideas to base ranges on too. They have several Neil Gaiman ranges and the newest ones are steampunk based. Then every full moon they do limited edition oils as well . To go with them they do t-shirts and perfume lockets, when they have the clockwork one back in I am going to have real difficulty resisting it.

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