Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frogs and silhouettes

Today we released the frogs onto the allotment, can I count that as decluttering? We did remember to take the recycling and vegs for compost too which we often don't.

We set the frogs up with a shallow tray with water and some stones in the long grass at the edge of the plot, the next plot down is kept as semi woodland and we plan to put a proper pond in at that end so I am hopeful they will survive and like it there. I know frogs are living on other plots so we can but hope.

I may try making some paper cut silhouettes following these instructions particularly as my aunt sent me some great pictures of my sisters little boy and he'd make a great subject, as would mine of course.


Julie said...

I read the title on this one and immediately my mind started thinking about sewn frogs... It took me a minute of confusion before I got what you were talking about. *lol*

Esther said...

grin why doesn't that surprise me !

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