Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Rainbows

Well I finally finished my rainbow ATCs to go along with Dominic's ones. Three for the swap and one for the host, I think I will let them chose which is which. I actually found that such a simple subject was quite hard to do well and I still not one hundred percent happy with all of them but I can't think how to improve them either. I really need to set the scanner up as the camera warps them. They should go in the post directly after the bank holiday and if I'm lucky I will have time to do the mosaic cards for a second swap the same person is hosting. If not they will have to be sent separately.

The check pattern one is made from woven strips of cut up magazine and I do like the look. When Small saw it he asked if the pieces moved hence the sliding block puzzle. It does work though it sticks rather so you have to be gentle but I think I know how to make it better next time and I think I will need to make at least one more for Small.

The other two are mainly paint and pen and based on Small saying rain and sun make a rainbow when he did his.. hum seems like he is my muse, well I could do worse.

That reminds me of a story about my brother when he was at art school. They had a project to do something in the style of a young child so he came home and got our little sister to draw him something for which he got a high grade. Afterwards he admitted to his teacher what he had done and they said that was perfectly acceptable and a good way to do it.. perhaps they would have said differently of he was doing fine arts not graphic design but then they may not have set that challenge in the first place.

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