Tuesday, February 03, 2009


How did I not notice that the Ravelry square of the month was called Mandala.. the umbrella name that Mark and co use for props, set building, costume and anything else that might get made which I am hoping to join them in at some point small people willing.
Feels like the squares were being picked to sucker me in :)

Anyway here is how mine turned out though the colours are a bit off due to bad lighting.

Today's photo is the snow at 7 am this morning unlike London it didn't get much worse than this though walking home from school was unpleasant as it was blowing in our faces.. We have to listen to the radio on the morning to see if the school is open but I think it's past us now so Noodles isn't going to get his wish to go sledding this time.

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Karen Wallace said...

awww i love what you did with this Blog too. Great job Honey.

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