Friday, February 13, 2009

A purple swap, crochet and a layout

Ok the swap is actually for purple, green and white because it is for International Women's day and those are the colours used by the suffragettes.

I found the Purple Paisley Patch blog recently which is run by a lass called Kelly and I already know it will be a blog I keep reading and not just because we both love purple ! Kelly is running the International Women's Day swap and the plan is to swap four Fat quarters of fabric in the aforementioned colours and then it has been suggested make a bag from it thought you can obviously do what you like with it. So if it sounds fun pop over there before the 20th and sign up.. Parcels will need to be posted on the 23rd/24th so them have time to get to their recipients.So on to crochet.. This is the finished mystery square from the Mystery Crochet a long group on Ravelry . I really like it. You make the flower first then crochet into the back of it to make the square so the flower stands out form the square. Made it in te same colours as the previous ones. If I keep this up I by the end of the year I will have 36 sqs which will probably make more than one blanket but i also know me and so hopefully even if I get bored in a couple of months I will still have enough to make one blanket !!
The layout is of Treestump and his friend.. They both think grabbing heads and vigorous patting of them is a sign of affection, that or eating you.. though Treestump does give real hugs too ! Poor old Treestump has some sort of sickness bug today and his little friend had it yesterday.. the kit is another great Miracle gro kit from Ladybug at Digital Scrap Garden.


Kelly said...

Hi Esther, thanks for mentioning the swap on your blog. I went fabric shopping this arvo and picked up some lovely purple and green fabrics. I love blog-land and will be visiting you often.
Kelly :-)

Julie said...

That is another nice square :)

Love the layout of Treestump and friend. They look very cute!

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