Thursday, January 29, 2009

Esther's Square

That is what the square picked for the Craftster CAL square for January is called. Well I had to do it didn't I!

It's a nice square too. Most 12" squares seem to be done for Worsted weight yarn which I assume must be the standard weight in the states where as double knitting is more common here. As a result my squares will not be 12" probably more like 9". This one has turned out nearer to 8 currently but many people seem to be coming out with them smaller than 12" and it has been suggested the pattern writer crochets quite loosely. I will even up the size of the blocks once I have several I think. Quite tempted to do a second perhaps in a single colour but for now I will try the other January ones I think or start on feb.

I would love to use some fantastic wool or similar but I'm trying to stick strictly to a budget and have small kids in the house so i picked 4 balls of acrylic wool blend from my local shop which hopefully means I can get more later if I need to.. They are much more muted than my normal colours but I mostly have rainbow acrylics currently and I wanted more grown up than that. It's probably a good thing I didn't find Attic24 till this morning or I would have been so tempted to try and find colours like she uses and my budget would be totally blown!

The plan is to do one or more of the squares of the month off Ravelry and/or Craftster and end up with a blanket.. what for I'm not sure yet.. might keep it might gift it we will see. The astute of you will notice the mystery sq from yesterday is in the same yarns! I can do small repetitive things like this at moments when i can't sew or similar which is good.

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horsedreamn2 said...

wow ..that is so cool.
Have a great weekend!

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