Saturday, February 14, 2009

My first attempts at design

Digital scrapbooking design that is.

Far too long ago I signed up to a VW camper vanswap and my first idea went wrong then we had lots of illnesses and so forth and I failed badly to forfil my commitments.. sorry Katy. Katy sent me a wonderful package ages ago ! However I was determined to do something however late and finally hit on an idea which I also thought would work as a christmas present for my brother who is also a VW fan.. so started my first attempt at design.

Now my brother is a graphic designer so doing any form of graphical work as a present for him is a little nerve racking but he seemed to like his version and I hope when Katy gets back from her holiday she will like her's too which has finally been sent.

I drew several different outline views of Camper vans then scanned them and played about with them in Gimp. I used a couple of papers from the weeds kit by June from Cen's loft and a frame or two from other places but otherwise everything was made from scratch. So what did i make?

Bragbooks, that's what which for those not in the know are 4 by 6 inch photo albums... suitable for people to carry about to show pics of grand kids etc and brag about them :)

This is the finished book for Katy, I made her a box for as well. My brother book is more substantial red leather look one from boots. This book was from Dunelm Mill who had several different colours and I though this ones was perfect to go with the pages..

Closed Box
Open box with book
a couple of pages, these ones use June's flower paper. The frame and vans I made.and some more just by me, the windows are cut out to allow photos to be inserted..
And here is the title page..
So what do you think?


Karen Wallace said...

ohhhhh WOW this is amazing, What a fantastic gift. You are just so creative I love them. Hugs GF

horsedreamn2 said...

That is so cute..what an awesome are so talented1
Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Who's a clever girl then? Katy will be stoked when she gets home from holiday to find that little treasure box and album waiting for her, they're fabulous.

I'm about to embark on teaching myself how to use gimp. Wish me luck.

Kelly :-)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

That's fantastic!

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