Monday, February 16, 2009

365 -update

Well I've very behind though I have been taking photos pretty much everyday. I have decided not to deluge the blog with all the ones I've missed out so instead I will post the weekly layouts when I've done them. I thought I'd start from now, or rather yesterday however and maybe post a couple of times a week from now on with a few pictures a time.

So yesterday's picture is below.. It is what the allotment looks like now after a fair amount of work building a shed. for more details see our allotment blog.
Feb 15th
Today's picture is of washing on the line, this is for two reasons. One to celebrate that it is warm enough to dry washing outside and the second somewhat less pleasant to record the fact we have had to do loads of washing as Treestump has been throwing up and indeed exploding out the other end for several days now so all his and many of our clothes have needed washing ! Please keep your fingers crossed he gets well soon I'm hoping he will as most of these bugs don't last more than about 3 days and he's been ill longer than that now.
Feb 16th
The washing line is under the edge of the car port which is very useful if the weather is marginal as even if it rains a bit the washing general is OK unless the wind blows it out into the rain. The less said about the stuff piled under the car port the better !!


Intense Magic said...

Cool photos! I love the one of the wash on the line...wish it would warm up enough for me to do that without it freezing LOL

Richard said...

I like the washing line photo too, was it purple day.

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