Friday, February 27, 2009

365 - this last week

Catching up on my photos.

Last Friday 20th Feb Noodles and I went to the canal basin to play with clay at Youpuckeroo which is anew craft workshop place. As we walked up he said look an echo. Canal basin, canal basin, canal basin !!! Click on the photo to get a bigger version as always.
Sataday was a first in many ways. I made waffles for the first time, gluten free of course and I ate them for the first time too as they weren't common here before I went gluten free but the boys have become fans since then. as they still eat gluten.

My first waffles - sat 21st Feb
The weekend was mostly spent moving large amounts of concrete slabs to the allotment to use for paths etc. However as always there was small child time too. Currently the two most important things in life seem to be food and books.. he's started early on being a bookworm and every opportunity he brings me a book to share with him.

Sunday 21th - books and food.Monday 22st - The final tally of slabs.round 25 barrow loads !

I will have to stop there as either the camera or the computer is sulking and they are refusing to talk. Probably just needs a reboot ! I will post the rest later.


Charlie's Nana said...

Love seeing your 365 Project pictures. Wishing I had started one at the beginning of the year.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I love the photos...especially the waffles!! You just made me hungry!! Lol!
It looks like it was an other busy week for you.
Thanks for the great advice on Ikea...I certainly need it for my next visit or I will get reported missing!! I have just applied online for my family card..I'll need the free coffee to keep me going.
Hugs and thanks

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