Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trainers and that sort of thing

I'm not really a trainer type person though I have always had a soft spot for Converses so when I spotted the anniversary leather jacket converse on someone else's blog I thought it looked very cool, though well out of my price bracket. They are modelled on a leather jacket with zips and stitching and are great.

This of course got me doing a few searches on related things and these days you can get converses in pretty much any design you want though some are very limited editions including most of the 100 year celebration editions.

I like the Who union jack ones, some how they feel less associated with the negative side of nationalism here than say the Doc Martin ones. I don't know why to be honest it's just a gut reaction.You can get ones that look like they are covered in paint !
or design your own on the Converse site.

Just to prove that I looked at other makes too here are some Nike in liberty prints.. just right for the fabricophiles among us :)

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