Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snow !

Finally we've got the snow everyone else has been getting as earlier in the week we only got an inch at most. Today the school is closed but we were out at the time we would normally go to school anyway but this time with the sleds.. photos to come later but a great time was had. We don't get sledding weather often so we made the most of it and invited two other families to join us plus a third we didn't know joined in to.. the more the merrier.

The funny thing was watching the number of people who obviously hadn't bothered listening to the local radio before setting out to school even though the teachers have been stressing that is what you need to do to check if they are opening. Still all this closing cos it snowed does seem a little overkill my old school was proud of it's record of never closing even though on occations about the only kids that got there were the deputy headmasters bunch (he had about 10). I remember walking three or four miles in deep drifts to primary school once cos the buses couldn't get though with my mum because as she was a teacher she had to go to the closest school if she couldn't get to hers to help and that was ours so we went too.

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