Monday, January 26, 2009

More crochet dolls

I finished and gave away three more dolls to our youngest three nephews. The original one is firmly Treestumps and Noodles is very determined he should have one too. Plus Tom's cousin has asked for one each for her two (one's even a girl what a novelty !) so I still have several more to make.!

I think I put the eyes on the twins a bit high and want to get some better eyes than these generic black ones too, though the felt outer eye is quite cute too. I didn't make a mistake on the orange and green one and forget to change colours then decide I was not frogging it when I was running out of time.. no, no not at all it's meant to be that way.. and actually I quite like it more baby like some how, particularly combined with minimal hair !.

I will do another photo catch up post later or possibly tomorrow.

Just realised I didn't post the scarf I made either, so here it is, made from a nice soft snuggly chunky acrylic called marble. It's a keyhole scarf so has a hole through one side which the other side threads through.


dottyspots said...

Making dolls can become rather addictive after a while ;0)

Godelieve said...

The dolls are soooo cute!!

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