Thursday, January 08, 2009

365 - Day 8

Technically I didn't take this one, Tom did but I thought it was wonderful. I was planning to do something else other than Treestump today but hey.

I did adjust it in GIMP to take the background out of focus.

Shows his two teeth wonderfully, I hope they will soon be joined by the top ones because they are defiantly trying to come through currently.


Charlie's Nana said...

Oh, what a face! You have to love it! I like your measuring tape at the top of you kids' ages. That is really neat.

Lynn said...

great job with the focus looks great! what a funny face :)

Catlady said...

Awww poor sweetie. Great pic of his new teeth. What a face expression.

horsedreamn2 said...

that is so cute ..even if he is crying!
hugs Traci

DancingPrincessDesigns said...

So CUTE! Love that little face!

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