Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 2 - project 365

Over night we had the first snow of the year. Not much but we don't get it very often so even a bit is worth note so I took a picture of it on the wall on my way to taking Treestump to nursery.

Of course snow on a wall is not a hugely interesting picture but it does have good contrast in it so I thought I'd play with it in Gimp a bit.

So I have not one but three versions of it for you.
The first is the standard picture just lightened a little as the snow confused the cameras levels rather.
The second is a black and white version made by desaturating the picture.
The final one is a result of playing with curves which I've done very little of before and then polarising the result. I think it's quite fun in a heavily adjusted photo sort of a way. I remember playing with colourising kits and so forth in a traditional dark room setting and getting all sorts of weird effects but this is much faster and a lot less messy :)


Charlie's Nana said...

What fun with the same photo. Very interesting.

Angie said...

Very interesting photos, looks cool have a great weekend

Catlady said...

I like how you played with the picture. Well if you want more snow maybe I should send you some. lol We have plenty of it. Great lo's. Have a Good day. Hugs Catlady

Esther said...

Catlady - If you can arrange snow for christmas day next year Noddles would love you forever. Last year he was really worried as he thought Santa would only come if it snowed which makes sense really as all the pictures of him always show snow too!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

If you want somewhere fun to mess about with pictures - try
it's brilliant!

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