Sunday, January 18, 2009

RIP Tony Hart

Tony Hart has died he was an inspiration to all children of my generation and made art seem vibrent and interesting. He was also largely influential in shaping the way childrens programs are today, the best ones anyway and I think the first to have British sign language in a program with Vision On which was so good most of us didn't take in it was a sign language program as the way the signs were used was so natural and well incorporated something newer programs have struggled to do till Something Special came along..

Probably the best known prop he worked with was Morph a little animated figure made of plasticine who kept us all entertained with his antics.

Here is another link with more details about his life and work.

Tony has been retired a few years now and lived to a good age but his passing is the end of an era. Goodbye Tony.

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Julie said...

Sad news indeed. :(

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