Thursday, January 01, 2009

Project 365

I've thought about doing this before but never at a good time to start. As several people have mentioned it on forums and blogs I though this time I'd give it a go as the start of the year is about the best start point i can think of..

Basically you take a picture a day of something, anything really. It could be something special about that day or just something everyday but over the year you get a sort of montage of things about you and for me I hope it will get me back into taking more than just snaps of the boys as I used to do 'proper photography' years ago.

I may well make use of some of the templates on offer to scrap each week's photos as well but for now I will try and post them here.. If I manage more than a week or two I may set up a blog just for the 265 photos but I know me and most of the time I only manage something like this for a couple of weeks so lets see if it lasts first :)

Today's Photograph is just a snap really and is to record the one of the most popular christmas presents with both boys and indeed all the children that have been here.. a pop up ball pit, den thing which was a last min purchase from Lidl as it was on their specials poster for the last few days before christmas. We then promptly forgot to give them it christmas day.. we got it out when Noodles, on being told we were going shopping in Lidls, said Oh we could get one of those ballpits.. dur.... well there were a lot of presents to get out christmas eve by the time we had all ours and the grandparents, aunts etc :)


Richard said...

I like the idea of a photo a day not sure I can manage it, so may try for photo of the week.

Julie said...

Nice idea :)

Myself, I find remembering to get the camera out is a problem, as well as having time to download/process the photo's once they're on the camera. I also hate using the flash and the yellowness of electric lighting, so I'm really rubbish at taking photographs in the winter because it's so dark all the time.

Ho hum.

And the ball pit is a great find, Treestump in particular seems to love being in there. :)

Catlady said...

Awww what a cute picture... I am doing this project too. I wasn't going to but oh what the heck. :)

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