Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We attached sleeves and after much discussion ruffles. I like them but I need to see if they fray as at the moment the edge isn't finished and apart from something like fray stop i couldn't think of a way of doing it which wouldn't effect the hang. I might end up cutting the scollops off and binding the edge or something but we will see. Have faced the back neck line too.

I have tried to post pics but everything is running slow today so I'll try again later.

We also made two sets of pocket hoops but till the boning turns up they look like piles of calico (for my american friends that is plain unbleached cotton, what you call muslin I believe.. For us muslin is very light weigh loosely weaved cotton you can see through)

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Tom said...

Just trying out blog spot and working out how it works so thought i would add a comment :)

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