Friday, January 26, 2007


Pattern making of waistcoats and starting drafting out frockcoats.

It is very strange making a thin man a waistcoat that is bigger in the waist than the chest! To explain one of our friends wears a false stomach as his character, so he goes from a very lith bouncy person to a fat swaggering fop. Fitted it to him this evening.

Need to draft his breeches tomorrow so we can do a test fitting Sataday as they will be a funny shape to fit the stomach. We did joke about making him a wedding stomach ie a smaller one with lacing so he can claim to be wearing a corset :)

It changes his whole way of moving and acting, very effective if a little hot!


Julie said...

Having worn a fake baby bump for a couple of events last year, I agree the body padding not only changes your physical profile - it also dramatically changes your way of moving and acting. Even if it's not as heavy as the real thing (I'm not prepared to go that far!), the padding is cumbersome, in the way and restricts movement so you automatically have to change how you act to accomodate it.

Out of interest - how did you make up the fake stomach?

I know it's a different shape and sits lower than a fake baby bump, but I'll soon be embarking on my second go at one of these. I'm fairly decided on my method since it worked well last time and I need to 'grow' it a little every month, but always interested in hearing different ways of achieving similar effects. :)

Esther said...

It's very basic, backwards waistcoat, well it laces under one arm. It has a pounch on the front into which a slightly cut down custion pad is slotted.

This is an IC false stomach so we didn't mind if it looked slightly odd but actually it works very well.

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