Friday, January 12, 2007

knit wits

Went to a Knit wits meeting on Wednesday with Julie, they seemed a great bunch. I felt slightly like I was gate crashing because about the only fiber arts I don't do are knitting and crochet. Still I took some needle felting and no-one seemed to mind. It was nice to meet a bunch of people who like making things.

I’m slightly lying when I say I don’t knit. I can knit I just haven’t done any in over 20 years so it’s pretty close to not knitting. I can honestly say I have never crocheted though. I can spin, weave, dye and felt wool. I can make lace, needle lace, tablet weaving, have tried tatting (must find the shuttle and do some more) make braids by half a dozen methods and buy yarns and fibers just cos I like them so I suppose adding those two to the list would complete the set. Maybe I just have to be the odd one out!

Partly Mum likes knitting much more than I do so she knits me things and I make other things for her. Though she hasn’t managed to finish the last jumper she promised me, not that I can complain cos I’m worse at not finishing stuff.


steelbreeze said...

Hello Ester! Nah, we don't care what you do when you come - you can just come and chat if you want! We are all fibre nuts and get excited when people bring new acquisitions to show us! I'm hoping to organise a destash night soon 'cause I've lots of oddments to give away!

Thought your needle-felted bear was gorgeous!

Esther said...

I need to get rid of some stash though mine is mostly fabric. Comes from making costumes as a job for 5 years

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