Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fabric Buying

We bought lots of fabric today ranging from 6 pounds a metre to 50p ! I now need to do MUCH sewing over the next two weeks.

everything is 18th century
We need some liveries
A court dress plus all the underpinnings
Three 18th centtury mens outfits plus an extra waistcoat
A riding jacket and skirt (for me)

Does look like I have aquired a helper though we may need to make her something to wear as well so she doesn't need to go home to get her other outfit!


Julie said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy!

Out of interest, where did you go to buy the fabric?

Esther said...

The rag market where else do you get fabric for 50p?

Julie said...

Rag market?

And where is this rag market? The only one I know of is Birmingham market and that tends to be very hit and miss.

Esther said...

Yes The brum one. managed to find some good stuff amongst the tat. Lets face it there isn't anywhere consitantly good and cheap around here. Need to go up North for that sort of thing!

Julie said...

And there I was thinking you had found a decent local (ish) source of fabric and hadn't told me! ;)

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