Monday, March 10, 2008

Freeform crochet and ATC making

Well still waiting on the baby but I did find a freeform CAL (crochet along) on Ravelry which sounded fun and do able. It goes all month and each day the lass running it posts up a stitch to be used, a change like change hook size or yarn or something and a way of generating a random number (so far things like roll a die (D6), the number of posts done on ravelry adding digits together, the hour at the time you do the crochet etc.)

Nine days in (today's hasn't gone up yet) and already they all look extremely different, some like mine are still basically flat but some are defiantly not, one looks like a pointed hat for instance. It partly depends if you worked in the round or not and things like that are up to the person doing it. Also the amount of each stitch can vary a lot. Probably the biggest so far being the filet stitch which was do the number of stitchs equal to the page you are on in your current book, magazine etc.

The weird looking thing at the top of this post is my attempt. It is fun, doesn't take much time each day and I have already done several stitches I haven't tried yet. I could do with getting a stitch library type book though of course the internet will supply most things when kicked enough ! I hope it's small enough I can keep it up all month.

If you want to see more you can look it up on Ravelry on the party for crochet month group if you are a member. If not it is also on Kaet's weblog so you can follow along there, however if you do knitting or crochet I suggest joining Ravelry there is loads of useful stuff there.

As to ATCs I finally got round to making one. It's done in 3d Decorparge which I've done before, the first time as a kid with bits of card as spacers. I've now got foam pads and recently got some 1mm ones so I could do small versions.. I have pre-printed ones designed for cards but this one was an image I printed from the web. If am going to try and do a couple more in which case I might see if there is a space on a swap on ATC's for all. However I have given myself a rule not to join any more swaps unless I have already made the items for the swaps on the principle then I can't let people down and if I like the subject enough to want to do the swap I will not mind keeping what I've made if the swap fills before I get on it.

These two may only be little projects but it's more than I've managed for a while so I'm chuffed.

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Julie said...

Gosh, I was expecting the baby to have made his appearance by now! Ho, hum... Free form crochet is a good way to pass the time, your piece is looking very interesting.

I haven't had a go at the CAL myself, mostly because I've not had the time to look at it last week and this week I've been locked in a training room all day and sent home with a couple of hours homework each night. :(

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