Thursday, March 27, 2008

First ever ATCs

My first ever ATCs.
I made these for a swap on ATCs for all because it struck my fancy and gave me something to do while waiting for Treestump to turn up. I am trying to be strict with myself and only sign up for swaps AFTER I have made the items for the swap, if I don't get to be on the swap I figure I liked the subject so don't mind keeping the result.

They are 3d decoupage or paper toile as they called it. This technique is something I have done several times over the years but keeping it small enough for an ATC and not so think it looked silly (or went over the swap 1cm limit) was probably the hardest thing. Left to myself I tend to do lots of layers, on these I did about 5 which was plenty really.

They are all versions of Holly Hobby as the swap is for Holly Hobby, owls or mushrooms. Both two figure cards are done with form pads but the rocking chair one I did with multiple layers of card because the chair was so thin I couldn't cut foam thin enough.

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