Thursday, December 20, 2007

First few crochet things.

I have completed a few simple items since Julie showed me the basics and have decided yarn stashes could easily become just as bad as fabric ones.

So far I have done a scarf come collar but need to find my button box to finish it. Two hats for my youngest nephews for Christmas and a scarf for small also for Christmas as he saw me making the first one and wanted it for himself. Instead he is getting a rainbow scarf.

I used this pattern for the hats but the two scarfs were just done on the fly. I looked up how to do button holes in a book from the library. The scarf/collar is dc (UK) and the rainbow scarf is htc with one line of dc at the end to mirror the starting chain as it didn't look quite right otherwise.

The hats are significantly different sizes due to the amount of increases done on them and I'm not sure which are best so I have left off weaving in the ends till I can find out how they fit as they were quick enough I think I can unravel them and re-do them while we are all at my mums.

I like this crochet stuff it works up quickly and is easy. Well so far not having done anything involving much pattern! I want to try some lace patterns and some miniature stuff come the new year I think but before that possibly a couple more basic bits to add to christmas presents.


Julie said...

Wow! You certainly have made some progress there! I'm impressed. I particularly the rainbow scarf which I'm sure will look very fetching on Small One. :)

Esther said...

That will be the reaction to not being allowed to do anything but sit about!

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