Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The re-organisation of the back is sort of on hold though we have got a lot more room there. The on hold is because I have been having pains which i think are related to doing to much but just in case they signal more serious things I'm taking it really easy the next few days.

On the bright side Julie came round at the weekend and apart from seeing her and Dave for the evening which was great in itself she also ran me through the basics of crochet. As I hoped having someone actually show me sorted out the issues I was having with turning rows and the like and I've since done another sample to prove I remembered it all.. Now onto making something worth keeping.


Julie said...

Hmmm, a worrying start to this post...

Well done on the crochet front and make sure you look after yourself OK?

Esther said...

Sorry to worry you, think I have just pulled something or similar. More details on my LJ as that is locked to friends only.. if you want to read it and aren't already on my friends list just say..

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