Sunday, December 23, 2007

50 metres does Nikki twice !

Herself suggested the title and as it is about her who am I to argue?

50 metres to do what you may be asking? Well I could just leave you to make up your own ideas and if I tell you it involved Jon wrapping her in gaffer tape it may or may not help your mental images, probably depending who you are and how well you know the people in question.

50 metres is two rolls of tape which is what she brought with her, in fact we used three rolls and more would probably have been a good idea, though by that point she was commenting it was rather hot and restricting, of course the corset underneath the gaffer tape probably didn't help that feeling.

So what were we doing? Well at one point we discussed the relative pros and cons of bondage tape though we never got on to talking about a friend who found out he was allergic to the glue on masking tape when he was mummified in it but honestly the real reason is actually suitable for this blog.

We were making her a personalised tailors dummy. Nikki has been making some lovely outfits for herself but she has no-one nearby to help fit them and while it is lovely to have her visit so I can help it isn't always easy for her to find the time and money to do that as we don't live close. Now she has her own personal copy of her torso to do her fitting on which hopefully will make her outfits even more stunning.

For anyone who doesn't know you can make a dummy by dressing in an old t-shirt you don't mind destroying with the appropriate underwear beneath, in this case a corset as she is making period outfits. Then get someone to wrap you in gaffer tape (duck tape), you need to get a good layer so when you cut the t-shirt and tape combination off it holds it shape plus try and keep it fairly flat. We added a bit of scrap fabric to extend the neck as well so she can fit collars and the full slope of her shoulder if wanted. Then you stuff it well and stick it on a pole. One personal tailors dummy. I don't have any pictures of it finished as we only did the taping, Nikki is doing the stuffing at home, I'll see if she will do a picture later.

The shape we got shows how useful a personalised dummy can be. Nikki has a very sway back, honestly that is her real shape, while she has a corset under it she wasn't wearing any form of bustle so the back of a bodice is never going to fit her well without either someone else to help or a dummy like this because she just isn't a standard shape in that regard, just like most of us aren't a standard size one way or another.

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