Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids clothing week day 1

OK everyone else maybe on day 3 but I'm a late starter :)

I got out the first two bits of fabric. Some waxed cotton such as is used in waxed jackets and some woollen tartan which is what remains from me making myself a hooded poncho several years back when I worked on a very cold market stall selling fabric !

These are both destined to make Noddles extra layers to wear at Outcast which is a Live Roleplay game he is going to with his dad.

The waxed cotton is for a hooded cloak which I have mostly made today. It still needs a fur shoulder piece added though that is already sewn so it is literally just attaching it round the neck. It also needs a fastening which we have agreed will be a toggle and loop. Having made various cloaks over the years I made this one shouldered becasue it helps stop the problem some cloaks have of trying to strangle you!

The wool is to make him a coat so he can wear it over his tunic and under his leather armour (an old leather waistcoat of mine with a few extra bits added ). I am just making him a very simple coat, a bit like a tunic split down the front and buttoned.

So far I have cut out both the wool and lining (some pale green sheeting left from the dinosaur outfit.) for the body of the coat and sewing up the main fabric. So I still need to sew the lining together, pattern and make up the sleeves in both and sort out fastenings. The sleeves might end up in more than one piece as there is only very limited fabric.

I will posts photos of how far I have got tomorrow when hopefully I can get him to model them before school.

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