Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC day 3, 4 and 5

Well day three and four were a bit of a fail due to a recurrence of a hernia I hoped had sorted itself out. Not wise to be trying to lean over and cut fabric out at such times. I did a little crochet using the one solitary normal sized crochet hook I can currently find but that wasn't a kids items so doesn't really count. I hope I find the rest soon it's driving me mad as this is the time of year I suddenly get the urge to crochet things again, my brain thinks it is an autumn/winter activity obviously.

Day 5 - I did manage to do something however.  Treestump has a pair of jeans which are fashionably distressed and therefore at some point recently the knee ripped a bit. He was having a somewhat destructive afternoon and wearing said jeans.. by the time to got to the sound of ripping he was valiantly trying to rip through the hem seam having managed to create a rip all the way down from the original horizontal rip to the hem!

Exhibit A

So today I roughly stitched the whole lot back together and patched it. I find standard patches boring so tend to embroider them or use a different fabric.  I had a nice baby cord in orange I fancied using but thought a second different colour patch would be ice as it was such a big area. Then Tom suggested to do a fish and water as Treestump loves fish. The water is from the bottom of a really good quality t-shirt which has dolphins on. It's lovely but none of the adults are likely to wear it so tomorrow I'm going to  resize it for Treestump to go with his 'new' jeans !

Fish jeans.

We just hope he doesn't think he should rip all his trousers to get more fish!

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K.D. Mullen said...

Too cute! Very creative!!! My little guy would love fish pants.

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