Sunday, July 19, 2009

I won again!!

I recently entered another giveaway this time from Yvonne from Joharo at home. She makes lovely jewellery and offered a place in a draw for a personalised necklace in exchange for a little market research.

I was very, very pleased to win as the example necklace looked fabulous. My custom one turned up on Saturday and is fabulous. I got a purple and blue version which will go with most of my clothes perfectly and as it is so long it can be worn in many different ways.

Yvonne packages her jewellery very prettily in a lovely little bag with pink tissue keeping it safe and tiny rose buds nestled on top of the paper.

Once I unwrapped the necklace you could see the lovely hand picked beads, combined with some really lovely wire shapes and wire wrapping. I truly wish I was close enough to consider doing a workshop with her because her work is very even and well done, having tried it a bit in the past I know that isn't all that easy.

I shall wear this quite often I think though perhaps not when the smallest is wanting to be carried about a lot as he is a little to keen to pull on it and I really don't want it damaged!! The necklace can be worn various different ways depending where you hook the end on to the rest of the chain of elements and I even managed to put it on as a double wrapped choker whichwas quite pretty.

Talking of giveaways I have just noticed I am nearly at 200 posts so i will have to think about what to do to celebrate!

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Julie said...

The necklace does indeed look very pretty :)

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