Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fabric baskets for Teachers

Jumping firmly on the bandwagon as it is a very nice and pretty band wagon I to used Pink Penguin's lovely basket tutorial to make teacher gifts for Noodles two teachers, one teaching assistant and one ex-teacher who is leaving and ran cooking club this term which he loved. She was his first teacher and I can't praise her enough for getting him up and running and really and truly enjoying school.. I just hope it lasts as he goes up the school.

This years teachers have been wonderful as well and his report was glowing. Just as importantly he loves school, enjoys going and does a whole bunch of different activities.

I made two of each colour scheme and they are just the right size for a packet of chocolate covered hobnobs and a few extra bits and pieces. Plus of course little cards from the small one himself.


Sarah said...

As a teacher myself I can only say how lovely you are to put so much effort and thought into the presents for your children's teachers. They will really appreciate it!

dottyspots said...

They're wonderful!

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