Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Bike

No not this one !

We went to Halfords and the bike shop a couple of doors down from them planning to look at bike for Noddles with a view to getting one as an early birthday present at the beginning of the summer holidays as his birthday is in August. We came out of the bike shop with a bike for him and a trailer for one of us to pull on our bike. The trainer can carry both boys if needed though we will have to see how hard that makes pulling it but it does mean we can go out on our bikes as a family or I can use it to get Treestump and/or bits and pieces up to the allotment as an alternative to walking there.

The bike in question has been named the Green Lantern bike due to it's colour and he has had a couple of sessions in the park learning to ride it as this is the first proper bike he has had. He is only just big enough for it but the next size down would have been grown out of very shortly. He met some friends of his who were riding their bikes without stabilisers but I think we have managed to explain why he has to learn in stages and will not manage to go from not riding to tearing around like them in one go. While he doesn't have it on in the pictures as he was going slowing and was in the park we have got him a helmet for when we progress to the road.

Starting slowly.
Getting more confident.
Treestump brought his trike along to join in.
After Treestump went off for a nap Noodles decided the trike, which was originally his would be fun to ride again! Though it was hard work up the slope !

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