Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have been doing some crochet though all be it very slowly.

I think I have one and a half squares I haven't posted as yet but I am well behind on the idea of doing several squares a month.
First off we have the Irish rose square. I really like the raised rose in the middle but the main part of the square seems to have come out rather bigger than the rest of the squares so it might get a couple of rows removed. I'm not deciding till I get to amking them all up into something though.
The other is the middle of waldo's rings. The rings are somewhat mind bending but I got there in the end with a little help! I need to finish the surround on this one though.


nancy said...

wow! these are wonderful and i understand the work that goes in to just one!
i once made a small "basket weave" blanket for my granny using three colors, 54 squares and a lot of patience!!

Lisa Michelle said...

Your knitting, sewing and crocheting is beautiful. My grandma tried to teach many moons ago, but I never caught on. What an amazing talent to possss. I'm glad I still have her knitted quilts, they keep me warm with her love :)

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