Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Blog look

In my various wanderings through scrapbooking blogs I came to Allie Browns's site. She makes layouts for blogs. I haven't been happy with how this blog looked for ages and she had this background which I thought went with my photo of roses I have as a header so I have followed the nice easy instructions she has on her site and added it here.. She made the background from a kit by Abby from AJM's Creations in fact it is the background she uses too.

What do you think?


Richard said...

Very nice layout, and I will be having good scan through AllieB's blog

Julie said...

Very pretty :)

I may have to take a look at what else is there... When I get a moment, work is horrible at the moment. :-S

Richard said...

I've added a background from Allie's Blog, thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

The blog is looking great!! I love the new background, great choice!!
Thank you for your kind words about the new kit, I hope you enjoy it!!

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