Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A hat just in time for the snow.

We had snow in October today ! A summer that hardly saw any sun after a couple of scorching weeks in the spring and now snow in October certainly a different year weather wise.

Anyway Treestump had managed to grow out of his hats so I made him another one starting with the pattern I used for the twins last Christmas. It rapidly changed from the pattern though. The pattern was for a new born and while he is only 7 months he is certainly not new born any more in fact he is in 9 - 12 month clothes.

The pattern is worked as a circle then changes stitch to make a brim, even on the small version I did the brim needed tweaking and with his bigger head not only did the brim not curl nicely but the whole thing was the wrong shape so instead of taking it apart I took two tucks in it towards the back, crocheted another row to fix it then added an ear flap round the back of the head. It really worked very well and next time I think I will work out an asymmetrical pattern so it fits better to a real none circular head !

I think it came out quite well really.


Julie said...

The weather certainly is being a little odd and I hope this doesn't mean we're in for a severe winter!

Love the hat and it looks like Treestump does too :)

tempus fugit said...

Don't mind, also in Austria it's cold and we had the first snow.... brrrrrr! To warm you up I've got a award for you on my blog :)
Love and hugs,

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

What a great hat!! It turned out great and that little face!! Treestump is looking good too!!
Lets hope the winter isn't too cold but I have to agree summer was aweful here too.

Glynis said...

How wonderful! Treestump ~ what a cutey~ can I borrow the hat? I have to return to UK for 2wks having been in Cyprus for 4yrs, I think it might feel chilly and I love the hat.
(I found you thru, Cen's Loft)

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