Sunday, October 05, 2008

a couple more layouts

Another one in the role-play portrait series.. This time a small lass with a very big wig and a gun. Don't mess with Millenese women that's all I'm saying.

The kit I used is a wonderful new one from by June aka Census called Forgotten Dreams. I had to get it if only for the quill and inkwell but the whole kit is lovely and shades of purple, raspberry to boot. The font is Euclid Fraktur which I do like as it's twiddly but still readable. This is using the selective colouring technique again that I learnt from Go digital scrapbooking. I do think it works well for these pictures.

The pleated ribbon you can see on the shoulder goes right round the dress and took her hours to do and there are those little roses scattered all over the skirt too !

The second one is made from a surprise grab bag from Digital Scrap Garden. The pictures were taken on a autumn walk a couple of years ago and is Small with one of his sets of grandparents. It was a fun kit to use and I like the result.

1 comment:

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

A brilliant pair of layouts!! I love the selective colour on the first it worked so well!!
You have made the kit look wonderful, thank you!!
Great work as usual!!

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